Prodigy's Government-Trusted Microsoft Cloud Support Services

Welcome to Prodigy On-Demand, the leading provider of managed support services for cloud technologies. Our expert team is dedicated to helping your organization optimize its operations, reduce costs, and achieve its goals through our comprehensive range of services.

Our Capabilties

Manage less, Innovate more.
Access to Industry Experts when and where you need it.

Achieve your government, retail, or finance business objectives with Prodigy’s On-Demand managed support services for Microsoft 365, Azure, Cloud Security, Endpoint Management, Power Platform, and DevOps. Our experts specialize in helping organizations in highly regulated industries optimize their cloud operations and enhance their data analytics capabilities. 

Prodigy’s team provides expert-level consulting for our customers, from small to large projects, day-to-day maintenance and support, to critical support for Tier III issues – we equip your organization with access to industry experts to be successful, On-Demand.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Get tiered support services for Microsoft 365, including basic setup and user management, advanced customization and automation, and 24/7 support and advanced analytics.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Get tiered managed services for Azure, including daily maintenance and operations, cost monitoring, security, architecture, migrations, and 24/7 support.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

 24/7 protection of your cloud and on-premises infrastructure by combining our expertise and Microsoft’s leading security products. Our security protection covers cloud platforms, servers, PCs, and mobile endpoints.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

Deliver consistent, secure, and feature-rich mobile devices to your users. Our service streamlines the process end to end, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Power Platform

Power Platform

Get on-going support for all your low-code and no-code development efforts using Microsoft’s Power Platform. Our experts are well versed across Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. 



Get comprehensive management and support for Azure DevOps. Our experts will work with you to develop CI/CD pipelines, configure projects, boards, streamline release management, and provide monitoring and support. 


Who We Serve

Empowering Highly Regulated Industries with Advanced Cloud Solutions and Unparalleled Support

Realize the impact Microsoft Cloud technologies can have on your business objectives quickly, securely, and efficiently with Prodigy’s On-Demand managed support services. Our staff are all full-time US-based employees with many years of proven expertise ranging across many industries and technologies. By partnering with Prodigy, your business’ cloud future will immediately become brighter, with proven strategies, technical expertise, and 24/7 support.

Some of the industries that Prodigy specializes in: 



Government agencies necessitate specialized IT support due to their handling of sensitive data, strict security and compliance demands, and the need for expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, and data privacy.

Ensure cloud systems are safe and compliant with government regulations and standards.

Remove barriers to cloud adoption and innovation by partnering with expert cloud consultants.

Free up staff to focus on transformative projects instead of daily tasks of managing cloud environments.



Offering IT support to financial institutions demands specialized expertise in cybersecurity, compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS and GLBA, and a deep grasp of risk management and data privacy, which our company provides through tailored Microsoft Cloud managed support services.

Streamline development process and accelerate time to market for new financial products and services.

Improve collaboration and communication between employees and clients with mordern workplace tools.

Ensure security and compliance of sensitive financial data with advanced access control and identity management.



Prodigy on Demand enhances retail operations with tailored managed support services, optimizing customer engagement, inventory, e-commerce, and analytics, while also bolstering security, streamlining DevOps, and minimizing development errors.

Protect customer data and prevent data breaches with advanced security configurations.

Enhance data analytics capabilties to gain a competitive edge.

Optimize e-commerce platform to improve customer experience and sales.

Support across all phases of cloud adoption

Regardless of where you’re at in your Microsoft Cloud journey, Prodigy’s services are designed to meet you where you’re at and accelerate your path to cloud competency. 



From day one, get Prodigy’s leading 24/7/365 Tier II/III support for your cloud services.



Prodigy will assess the current environment to gauge compliance with Microsoft best practices and develop a plan for remediation or improvement.



Prodigy’s security experts will evaluate your existing environment and develop a prioritized list of areas requiring attention. This often entails implementation of various Microsoft security products.



When it comes to cloud migrations, Prodigy has a proven track record across many technologies and migration scenarios, such as lift-and-shift, VMWare Solution, and refactoring into PaaS.



Optimize migrated workloads to be more efficient, cost effective, available, and secure.



Target specific workloads and applications for modernization. This typically involves migrating from VMs to Platform-as-a-Service, Serverless, or Software-as-a-Service.

Why Prodigy?

We keep it simple

Our goal from the beginning has been to make things easy and simple for our customers. To avoid all the complexities and considerations with typical MSP arrangements, we developed a “plug-and-play” model where we get you the help you need quickly. Our approach was designed to work within highly regulated industries such as Government and Healthcare.

Deep Dive Consulting

Unlike larger firms that often take a one-size-fits-all approach, our consulting firm deeply invests time in understanding each client's unique needs, allowing us to craft tailored solutions that drive meaningful results.

We know our stuff

Prodigy holds numerous designations reserved for partners that demonstrate expertise by managing over a specific amount of Azure usage, and employing certified Azure architects. Our staff have spent years mastering enterprise-grade Azure design patterns, governance, security, and cost control strategies for large organizations.

We'll get you back on track

At the start of your service we’ll do a comprehensive assessment of your environment and develop any necessary guidance, recommendations, and we’ll even perform the resulting work as part of our service.

Contact us to learn more

Contact us to learn more about Prodigy’s services and how we can partner to achieve success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Prodigy on Demand, we understand that you may have questions about our managed support services for cloud technologies. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Are there different levels or tiers of service available?

Yes, all of our support services offerings come in different tiers to best meet our customer’s needs. Typically you’ll find a Basic, Standard, and Enterprise flavor of each offering. However, Prodigy is happy to customize an engagement to best support our customers. Contact us for a free evaluation and learn more. 

What kind of resources we expect from Prodigy's for ongoing support?

All of our architects and engineers are US-Based and all dedicated service engineers are full-time Prodigy employees. Our Microsoft consultants are very experienced across a wide range of technologies, industries, and have a proven track record of making our customers successful. 

Does Prodigy require us to purchase licenses or subscriptions through them to acquire support?

Unlike many Microsoft MSPs that require purchasing licenses and subscriptions through them to form a support agreement, we understand ever customer is unique and some have existing avenues for license procurement. We provide our services on top of your existing investments in Microsoft, making it much quicker and easier to engage Prodigy’s services. 

What is Prodigy's process for handling escalated or complex IT issues?

When you subscribe to our support services, you get the full extent of Prodigy’s expertise spanning the whole Microsoft cloud ecosystem. In the event our team can’t resolve an issue in a timely manner, we have direct access to escalate issues to Microsoft on behalf of our customers. This saves you money from costly support contracts that don’t provide hands-on support. 

What kind of onboarding process do you have for new clients?

Every customer, regardless of which services they subscribe to, is given a comprehensive assessment of their cloud and on-premises environment(s) at no cost. Additionally, our team provides a support “on-ramp” that is designed to train your team on how and when to engage Prodigy staff. We have our own support portal, or can integrate with an existing ITSM system. 

Are there any setup or onboarding fees?

Setup and onboarding are done free of charge and are included in all of our support services. We don’t charge any one-time fees up front to initialize the service. 

Does Prodigy provide project support?

Our support services are designed to supplement your projects by providing expertise and knowledge to remove barriers and roadblocks. That said, if our customers wish for Prodigy to lead a particular project, such as migrating services to Azure or developing new solutions, we can quickly and easily provide accurate proposals due to our familiarity with your environment, business, and requirements. 

Does Prodigy have a Pricing Catalog?

Yes, you can access our pricing list here