Cost Optimization

Cloud Costs Demistified

Comprehensive Cost Analysis & Governance

This service involves a thorough review of current cloud cost management practices, including Azure architecture and governance controls, to identify areas for improvement and align with best practices.

Budgeting, Forecasting, & Savings

We focus on establishing clear budgets and forecasts for Azure spending, while actively implementing cost-saving measures such as resource right-sizing and removal of underutilized assets.

Process Optimization & Reporting

Our approach includes refining internal processes for effective cloud cost management, utilizing Azure Cost Management and Billing tools to enhance reporting capabilities and cost visibility.

Continuous Monitoring & Strategic Adaptation

We provide ongoing monitoring for cost optimization opportunities and adapt strategies to evolving needs, using data-driven insights to manage and predict Azure cloud spend effectively.

Power in Numbers

Satisfied Customers

Successful cost optimization projects

Annual Savings
$ 1 M

Savings achieved using our proven approach

Our Approach

We’ve developed a quick and repeatable approach to quickly assessing a customers Azure estate and uncovering cost savings opportunities. The amount of engagements we’ve completed allow us to quickly identify areas of savings, showing value and results early in the process. 

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