Cloud Security

We Take Security Seriously

Security Assessments

Our comprehensive security assessments leverage Microsoft tools to scrutinize your Azure environment, evaluating compliance against key frameworks like Zero Trust, CIS, NIST, and the Cal Secure Roadmap. We provide detailed insights and recommendations to address vulnerabilities, ensuring alignment with these crucial compliance standards and enhancing your overall security posture.

Cloud Security Posture

Our service focuses on strengthening and continuously monitoring your cloud security posture in Azure, Microsoft 365, and Windows, employing advanced tools like Azure Security Center, Sentinel, and Defender to ensure robust protection and compliance with industry standards. Whether you require standards like CIS or NIST, or more complex ones such as PCI-DSS, SWIFT, or CJIS, we're equipped to help.

Zero Trust Architecture

Leveraging Microsoft's Zero Trust model, we design and implement a security framework that operates on the principle of "never trust, always verify", utilizing Azure Entra ID, Defender, Sentinel, and other Microsoft security solutions to safeguard every access point and data transaction.


Our DevSecOps service incorporates 'shift left' methodology using Azure DevOps, embedding security early in the development cycle to enhance cloud application security. By integrating continuous security testing and compliance checks, we ensure robust, secure Azure deployments, streamlining development for safer and more efficient outcomes.

Endpoint Protection

We provide comprehensive endpoint security solutions using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, offering advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities to protect against a wide range of cyber threats in your enterprise.

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