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Fueling Innovation with Generative AI: Prodigy’s Azure OpenAI Accelerator

The “Azure OpenAI Service Accelerator” engagement, powered by Prodigy, was designed to accelerate your organization’s understanding of Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, and to identify potential use cases that could drive positive impact across the organization. By utilizing Azure OpenAI, customers can bring the power of ChatGPT into their own environment, reference their own data, and implement guard rails address security and reduce or eliminate common challenges and concerns with LLMs.

Our Approach

Responsible AI

Prodigy’s approach to helping public sector organizations navigate the challenges and concerns with Generative AI and ChatGPT is to expose the organization to the possibilities of Gen AI safely, securely, and following Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles. By exploring the powers of Gen AI, government customers can be proactive about identifying challenges, benefits, and gain an overall better understanding of the impact.

Gen AI the Right Way

Customers globally are quickly realizing the power of Azure’s Open AI Service and access to Large Learning Models such as ChatGPT. These services, available to both Azure Government and Commercial customers, provide all the customization and security expected of a Microsoft cloud service. Bring the power of ChatGPT into your network, index and train on your own data, develop guard rails, and prevent data leakage by employees leveraging public-facing alternatives.

Azure Experts

Prodigy was founded on its ability to drive successful and impactful projects built on Microsoft Azure. As a leading Microsoft Partner, Prodigy prides itself on a long track record of helping Government customers be successful in designing, implementing, securing, and maintaining Azure environments and solutions. We bring the same level of thoroughness and will to follow industry standards to each and every implementation.

Tailored Use Cases

Core to our engagement is to work with each customer to develop a backlog or pipeline of potential use cases for Generative AI. Our consultants will work with technical and business leaders alike to review example use cases across public sector, and lead discussions to begin identifying ones specific to your processes, goals, and objectives.

At Prodigy, we’ve spent years learning how to best partner with organizations to make them successful with adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud services, cloud-native development, DevOps, automation, and AI. Our approach to accelerating the learning curve with Generative AI while emphasizing responsible development, security, and other unknowns, is to equip the organization with the knowledge required, and to develop an MVP in a safe manor. Below is an example of this approach: 

Elevate your business operations

 Seamlessly handle citizen inquiries, simplifying complex information sharing, and revolutionizing communication, ChatGPT is the ultimate solution to enhance public services and drive efficiency in your official communications.

Prodigy Consulting is a leading Microsoft Gold certified company based out of Sacramento, CA. Our architects and engineers have years of experience leading Azure projects in public and private sector. We’ve developed strategies, design patterns, and use best-of-breed tooling to make your Azure services as efficient as possible. Our goal is to develop a service that works best for you. Whether you want to be 100% hands off, or prefer to use it as a training tool, we’re here to help. 

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Contact us to learn more about Prodigy’s services and how we can partner to achieve success. 

Contact us to learn more

Contact us to learn more about Prodigy’s services and how we can partner to achieve success.