Accelerating Change in the
New Age of Tech


Crafting Excellence in Every Service

Azure Experts

Accelerate your cloud goals. We have experienced cloud engineers and architects who can bring practical, subjective, and highly-technical guidance to better your chances of success.

Cloud Security

Enhance your security with Microsoft's advanced services, adhering to Zero Trust, NIST, and similar industry standards.

Enterprise Automation

Transform your enterprise operations with cutting-edge Automation, ensuring smarter, faster, and more efficient workflows.

Data & Analytics

Maximize insights with Data and Analytics, harnessing powerful tools for informed decision-making and strategic business growth.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI and Generative AI securely using Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Services and various Large Language Models.

Managed Services

Prodigy's "On-Demand" support services are tailored to meet highly regulated industry standards and elevate your team's cloud competence overnight.

Our Mission

Prodigy is built on a strong foundation of helping organizations succeed in their most challenging projects. With a leadership team that brings 16 years of experience in leading cloud-based projects for government agencies, our aim is straightforward: to combine deep technical knowledge, creative problem-solving, and effective project management.

At the heart of Prodigy is our passion for what we do. We’re driven by a commitment to help our clients, building relationships based on trust and transparency. We value every chance to provide guidance and feel privileged to be in a position to assist. Our company culture is a blend of diligence, responsiveness, and enjoying the work we do, making our path to success not just productive, but also rewarding.

Project Spotlight

Natural Resources Agency and Prodigy modernize SOC with Microsoft Sentinel

Prodigy Consulting partnered with California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA), and Microsoft, to implement a cutting-edge, agency-wide Microsoft Sentinel solution. Read more below. 

Proven Track Record

Crafting the ultimate experience

We work hard to ensure that our customers are successful, before, during, and after their projects. 


Completed projects


Clients satisfied

Our Approach

Prodigy’s approach to digital transformation and cloud integration focuses on custom solutions tailored to each enterprise’s unique needs, ensuring impactful organizational change. Our expertise in advanced technologies and security best practices empowers clients to thrive in the evolving digital landscape, fostering growth and competitive advantage.


Prodigy emphasizes empowering clients through constant knowledge transfer and education to ensure they’re equipped with the skills and information necessary to succeed. 


Prodigy’s strategy involves thorough analysis and roadmap design, aligning digital transformations with specific business objectives for seamless integration.

Execution & Support

Core to our business is our ability to execute with accuracy, thoroughness, and with minimal disruption. From cutting-edge technology, to advanced business processes. 

We proudly work with a diverse range of clients

Who We Serve

Empowering Highly Regulated Industries with Advanced Cloud Solutions and Unparalleled Support

Realize the impact Microsoft Cloud technologies can have on your business objectives quickly, securely, and efficiently with Prodigy’s On-Demand managed support services. Our staff are all full-time US-based employees with many years of proven expertise ranging across many industries and technologies. By partnering with Prodigy, your business’ cloud future will immediately become brighter, with proven strategies, technical expertise, and 24/7 support.

Some of the industries that Prodigy specializes in: 



Government agencies necessitate specialized IT support due to their handling of sensitive data, strict security and compliance demands, and the need for expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, and data privacy.

Ensure cloud systems are safe and compliant with government regulations and standards.

Remove barriers to cloud adoption and innovation by partnering with expert cloud consultants.

Free up staff to focus on transformative projects instead of daily tasks of managing cloud environments.



Working with financial institutions demands specialized expertise in cybersecurity, compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS and GLBA, and a deep grasp of risk management and data privacy. Prodigy’s aptitude and competency in developing secure cloud solutions makes this possible.

Streamline development process and accelerate time to market for new financial products and services.

Improve collaboration and communication between employees and clients with mordern workplace tools.

Ensure security and compliance of sensitive financial data with advanced access control and identity management.



Commercial and Retail customers need to move fast. Our cloud solutions and qualified consultants are here to meet your demands securely, efficiently, and help transform your operations and customer experience. 

Protect customer data and prevent data breaches with advanced security configurations.

Enhance data analytics capabilties to gain a competitive edge.

Reduce burden of managing on-site I.T. server infrastructure by leveraging cloud services

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